...with songs that can transport you to the stratospheres...this singer is fearless when it comes to making her thoughts and feelings public.”

— Edwin Mcfee - Hotpress

Siân Brown

Siân Brown is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist currently residing in Cork city, Ireland.

 With deeply personal, intelligent lyrics and hypnotic melodies, her music is as passionate as it is thought provoking. Influenced by a plethora of musical genres her poetic word weaving and heartfelt vocals captivates any audience. Emotionally-charged, yet playful, she can evoke both tears and laughter at any given performance.

 Siân has recorded and toured two albums as a solo artist and has opened for renowned Irish artists such as Mick Flannery and Cathy Davey. She is currently writing her third solo album. Her original music has been praised both critically and commercially, having been given much airplay by RTE Radio 1 DJ's John Creedon and Alf McCarthy.

In addition to her solo career Siân also fronts an electro-punk performance project, known as Lambdancer, with her producer, and husband, Darqhorse. Lambdancer see's Siân, under the guise of 'Moonbird', donning many fun and colourful costumes and wigs. Under this project the duo have played many gigs and Irish festivals while also releasing a very different album entitled 'd.u.m.b.'

As a music therapist, Siân Brown MA works with both children and adults with special needs using music as a therapeutic tool of change. Specialising in therapeutic songwriting, Siân uses her honed skills to help others express their pent up emotions through song. Siân is also a songwriting coach and guitar teacher. 

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